Local and global variables

local and global variables

In Python the understanding of local and global variables is very important. It helps to write better, efficient, and clean code. First of all we need to understand variables. Variable is a location in the memory which is responsible to store a value. variables are crucial while solving different various coding problems.

Precedence of Operators in Python

Precedence of Operators in Python

Hello users, welcome to Smart Techy. In this tutorial we will be discussing operators precedence in Python. Precedence means which comes first, second, third and so on. Operators precedence is very important as it will have a major impact when solving coding problems. Operators precedence tells which operators will come first and which will come … Read more

Operators in Python

Table of Content Introduction to Operators in Python In this tutorial we will be understanding everything about operators in Python. Operators are special symbols which are used to perform operation on variables and values. Operators perform some sort of computation on operands. Operands are the values or variables on which some operation is being done. … Read more

Variables in Python

Table of content What are variables? Assignment of variables in Python Rules of variables in Python Local and global variables in Python Variable types in Python Declare variables in Python Assign same value to multiple variables Summary What are variables? Variables are the containers which store data. A variable is symbolic name that references to … Read more

Introduction to Python

Table of content What is Python? Why Python is famous? How to install Python? Write a simple program in Python Summary What is Python? Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Python is called as an an interpreted language because Python code is converted into bytecode which is later executed by Python virtual … Read more